Winter 2019 Newsletter


Winter 2019

HIMSS – transforming health through information and technology

One of the most beneficial aspects of being a member of the South Dakota Chapter of HIMSS is the access you have to the national HIMSS website and information. This affords one the opportunity to receive healthcare technology news updates, as they happen, and to be the first to know about the many HIMSS events firsthand. It is the place to go for early information on the annual HIMSS Global Conference and Exhibition and have complete information at your fingertips. This year it is entitled HIMSS19 Champions of Health Unite and is being held in Orlando, FL February 11th through the 15th.

Another benefit of the HIMSS website access is the HIMSS eBook Series. You can download featured books to peruse and read, to stay current and knowledgeable in the latest or current trends in healthcare information technology. The current eBook that is available for review is Clinical Artificial Intelligence, providing insight into how machine learning and artificial intelligence will influence healthcare in the years to come. It applies to diagnostics, medical therapies, as well as population health management, and is an interesting and visually impressive read.

Check out the HIMSS website again, very soon, and see all the new information out there. There will be exciting new posts coming in from HIMSS19 too! Keep updated on the many learning opportunities that are available. Sometimes it is interesting to visit other HIMSS Chapter websites too and see what is happening throughout the country as well as globally.

Need for Data Security Grows as Healthcare Threats Rise
Midco® Business

Data security – it’s a challenge for many industries, but healthcare organizations face more issues than most. In July 2018, more than two million healthcare records were breached – more than the previous three months combined. Is your organization prepared?

In Midco’s recent blog post, Enterprise Sales Consultant Andrew Simmons analyzes how the healthcare industry is facing increased security threats – and discusses how diversifying your data storage can help you avoid breaches.

Read Full Article on Midco’s Insight Center


Program Committee Update

The Program Committee is finalizing the topics and speakers for the Spring HIT Forum, which is scheduled on Thursday, April 11th at the Sanford Center, in Sioux Falls. We are planning an event with exceptional speakers, with some combined sessions as well as a few specialized tracks, along with a networking and vendor session. Visit our website for more information coming soon. It is shaping up to be another great annual event in 2019, for the South Dakota Chapter of HIMSS!


The “Save the Date” notification has been sent and we hope that you have received it and have already marked your calendar, with plans to attend. What a great way to receive current, relevant healthcare technology information close to home, and network with your colleagues across the state!



HIMSS Testimonial

HIMSS- South Dakota Chapter

Charlotte McMullen, Telemedicine Specialist


“As a HIMSS chapter member, I’ve gained exposure to different viewpoints on how healthcare innovation practices are run outside of Sanford Health. Being a member has allowed me the opportunity to meet other advanced healthcare leaders, and to broaden my understanding of how other healthcare organizations are managing the dynamic nature of the industry. This last HIMSS conference, Spring HIT forum, really broadened my views on Telemedicine/Telehealth and the areas for growth in that business. Because of that networking opportunity, I changed career paths from a lab focused area to telemedicine. In my new role with the Telemedicine department, Sanford OneConnect, I am gaining an understanding of how important Telemedicine is in rural healthcare settings and to providers in those areas. Thank you to SDHIMSS for showing me another area of importance in healthcare, and for allowing me the opportunity to meet others in this sector.”



Would you like to become involved with South Dakota HIMSS?

Have you been looking for ways to become more involved in the South Dakota Chapter of HIMSS? Here is your chance!

The Nominations Committee of the South Dakota Chapter of HIMSS begins the search for nominees for the open positions on the Board of Directors beginning in January. If you are interested in either participating in the Nominations Committee or running for one of the positions as a member of the Board, please reach out to any of the current Board members or send an email to The Nominations Committee meets to prepare for the nominee search and communication to the membership, then to select the nominees, and prepare the ballots for the election in the spring.

The positions that will be up for election this year are: President Elect, Communications Director, Membership Director, and Treasurer. The terms for these positions will begin July 1st, 2019. If you are interested in any of these open Board positions or have any questions, please email


Candidates will be presented at our SDHIMSS Spring HIT Forum and Meeting on April 11th, with voting to occur shortly thereafter.


Please review the open Board positions below and let us know of your interest!



Upcoming Events

11 Feb

HIMSS19 Global Conference

February 11, 2019

12 Feb

Upper Great Plains Reception

February 12, 2019



South Dakota Chapter of HIMSS Spring HIT Forum

April 11, 2019

Sanford Center, Sioux Falls, SD







Brief Description






















Communication Director
























Three (3) Years

1st Year President-Elect

2nd Year President

3rd Year Past-President






Two (2) Years










Two (2) Years











Two (2) Years

  1. President-Elect assists the President in conducting the business affairs and activities of the Chapter through special assignments and duties delegated at the direction of the President and/or Board of Directors. The President-Elect assumes the office of the President upon conclusion of the one-year term as President-Elect.


The Treasurer is responsible for all funds and securities of the chapter, including oversite of deposits and disbursements, in a manner consistent with the approved budgets and policies pertaining to any financial decisions, made by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer ensures that all financial reports are completed and presented to the Board of Directors for approval.


The Communication Director is responsible for all communications to the chapter membership and maintaining the chapter website with current news, education, and information on activities and events. The Communication Director provides leadership to the Communications Committee for the overall strategy of promoting the chapter through communication with membership and providing oversight.


The Membership Director is responsible for maintaining current membership records and providing reports to the Board of Directors. The Membership Director provides leadership to the Membership Committee for the strategy and oversight of development and planning for new member recruitment and retention.



Board of Directors

President: Marcine Forrette

President-Elect - Brenda Soper

Secretary - Michelle Walters

Treasurer - Holly Arends

Membership Director - Brookes Noem

Director of Communications - Kristi Jones

Member at Large - Stacie Davis