Winter 2020 Newsletter

Table of contents:

  1. Senior Leader / Oscar Perez Interview 
  2. South Dakota Member / Nick Pullman Interview 
  3. Organizational Affiliate Highlight / Dakota State University 
  4. Telepresence Training 
  5. The HIMSS Brand
  6. Sponsor Spotlight
  7. Board Members

Senior Leader / Oscar Perez Interview (member engagement focus)

I connected with Oscar Perez from the South Florida Chapter of HIMSS.  He is the President of a very large chapter.  Oscar is a well-respected Health IT Leader and respected throughout the HIMSS organization as he leads a very active and engaged chapter. 

Read the interview here

South Dakota Member / Nick Pullman Interview (member engagement focus)

I connected with Nick Pullman from Sanford Health recently to gain insight on how new members view HIMSS and what they expect from our organization. 

Read the interview here


Organizational Affiliate Highlight

In this newsletter we would like to take an opportunity to highlight one of our Organizational Affiliates.  OA’s are an important part of the HIMSS network and provide needed connections to important organizations.  Dakota State is widely recognized throughout the state and region as a leader in preparing the next generation of Health IT leaders. 

Dakota State’s Health Information Technology and Management program offers education opportunities starting with certificates all the way through a Master’s degree in Health Informatics and Information Management. DSU is the second U.S. university with an entire continuum from an Associate to Masters degree to be accredited by The Commission of Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM) education. Through accreditation DSU’s programs were peer reviewed to ensure the curriculum meets established standards in the industry.

Dakota State’s MS in Health Informatics and Information Management focuses on healthcare organizational management and leadership, health information systems (electronic records), health information protection, health data analytics, health care research, and more. Graduates will be able to lead a health information governance program, create electronic health record dashboards, facilitate communication between health care providers and IT professionals, and manage information resources and systems within a health care organization.

The Health Information Technology associate degree at DSU prepares students to understand the meaning and location of data collected in healthcare; analyze health data and interpret it for reimbursement, improvement and decision making; and comply with the documentation laws and regulations of accrediting agencies. Graduates will be qualified to code, analyze, secure, and maintain patient health information. The Health Information Administration bachelor’s degree at DSU readies students to evaluate a health information management system that is appropriate for varying health care facilities, organizations and agencies; implement policies and procedures for information handling and dissemination in accordance with ethics and in conformity with applicable federal, state, and local statutes and regulations. Graduates of the program will be equipped to design and manage health information systems, administer computer information systems, and collect and analyze patient data. DSU is the only accredited health informatics and information management program in South Dakota.

Read more about DSU and their recent news below

DSU Health Information Technology AS Degree Celebrates 45 Years

DSU Receives Accreditation for Master’s in Health Information

DSU Advancing Health Information Technology


Telepresence Training (Kristi Sidel)

As members of the HIMSS community have navigated the challenges of 2020, we have all learned how critical health information technology can be in mitigating the circumstances of the pandemic.  Several domains within health IT have grown or evolved dramatically, including telemedicine.  Kristi Sidel from Avera Health is leading an effort to educate clinicians about Telepresence Skills. 

Below is a short note from her about the training.

Here is a great opportunity for a number of healthcare providers and students. It takes approximately an hour to complete with really relevant material in telehealth.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had and will continue to have a significant impact on health care environments across the continuum of care. Telehealth is positioned to decrease staff and patient exposure to COVID-19 by reducing unnecessary visits to healthcare environments as well as equip rural healthcare facilities with access to specialty care needed, such as hospitalists, intensivists, and respiratory therapists.

The South Dakota Area Health Education Center in collaboration with the American Board of Telehealth are offering a telepresence educational course that will review important factors that lead to a positive patient-provider relationship during a virtual visit. The target audience includes clinicians, students and administrators.

This course is available online now and can be completed at the learner’s own pace and time. Learn more and take the course here:

Keep a look out for future educational offerings from the American Board of Telehealth on the website

Read more about the training here


The HIMSS Brand


The HIMSS Brand represents everything about where the organization has come from and more importantly, where it is going. There is a clear connection to the Mission and Vision of this great organization. Please review the website and expect to see the newest branding information consistently applied throughout our ecosystem.


To realize the full health potential of every human, everywhere.


Reform the global health ecosystem through the power of information and technology.



Sponsor Spotlight


Need for Data Security Grows as Healthcare Threats Rise
Midco® Business

Data security – it’s a challenge for many industries, but healthcare organizations face more issues than most. Recently, more than two million healthcare records were breached – more than the previous three months combined. Is your organization prepared?

In Midco’s recent blog post, Enterprise Sales Consultant Andrew Simmons analyzes how the healthcare industry is facing increased security threats – and discusses how diversifying your data storage can help you avoid breaches.

Read Full Article on Midco’s Insight Center



Current Board Members:

President: Brookes Noem

President-elect: Holly Arends

Secretary: Unfilled

Treasurer: Julia Althoff

Communications: Eli Seeley

Membership: Kristi Jones

Program Director: Patti Brooks

Member at Large: Marcine Forrette

Past President: Brenda Soper